Friday, April 23, 2010


I didn't post this yesterday due to lack of time so I figured I would today. This is just another "look at what I wore today!" post. Feedback from anyone reading would be appreciated.

This is a combination of my Land's End shirt, Oscar de la Renta blazer, and the grey pants that I found thrifting more recently.

I have a question for the more sartorially minded? I wore my brown shoes with these, since they don't clash with the pants. How strict is jacket, belt,shoe matching? (Brown belt to math the shoes of course) Is it just that your jacket and shoes shouldn't be clashing colours (brown and black for instance) or should they match more closely in colour?

And, while it isn't totally clear in the picture the jacket is a greyish-greeny-teal sort of colour. To my eye it didn't appear too similar to the pants. I wanted to avoid looking like it was a mismatching suit. I did have compliments on it.

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  1. The shirt, with hints of red and brown (if I'm seeing it right), brings it together... shoes match belt match 3° article (in this case the red/brown checks of the shirt, could have been watch, hat, etc)... general idea = bottom-up gaze approach...