Sunday, April 18, 2010

Night on the Town

Ok, so this isn't the best picture, and I had to fix my hair and collar after this before I went out but this is to give you an idea. This is the Christian Dior blazer that I mentioned from my thifting finds post. Its pretty awesome, can't see a lot of detail in this pic I'll add another one later. Double breasted, awesome pointed lapels, and a light weight blue pinstripe.

The trousers I found yesterday in the afternoon at a thrift shop for $5! No label or tag of any kind on them so I assume they might have been custom tailored for someone. Not sure of the material, I may be breaking a cardinal rule of fibers. They are very lightweight and I think there may be a significant percentage of polyester in them. But they wear nice and look pretty good. Lightweight enough for a night of dancing, which is where the GF and I were going last night. They have a very subtle check pattern on them in a slightly darker shade of grey.

We learned a little latin dance, drank some beer, and danced through the early evening. It was a good night and I think I definitely had the sharpest outfit on of any guy in the club.

I'm enjoying the fashion transition a lot, it just feels good to be better dressed.

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