Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's Look Pt 2

So this is what I am sporting today. This is a Polo University Club by Ralph Lauren Blazer, another one of the finds made while thrift shopping last weekend and purchased for a whoping $5.50 at a Salvation Army. The shirt is a Land's End, bought on sale at Sears. I like the orange and blue pattern, I think it is pretty bold and makes the whole thing look a lot more casual and relaxed then it would otherwise.

I have it paired with my RW & Co Jeans, unfortunately the only pair that I have right now that fits well and that the hem hasn't started coming apart. Also a pair of nice looking sort of motorcycle-style boots that I got on sale two weekends ago at about 75% off. Which makes it even more casual. Works quite well for in at the lab. I don't do bench work anyway, which is why you don't see a lab coat.

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