Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, this is simply my first post here on my new blog. So, a little about me is in order I suppose. I am a graduate student working on my PhD in a Biochemistry department and am in my late 20's. Over the years, as any person does, I have gone through a variety of styles. Pretty preppy in most of my teenage years, a bit more punk/skater in my later teenage years and when I started University (it was the early 2000's after all), morphing into just a "regular joe" casual. I also packed on almost 50lbs between graduating high school and the end of last year and then I decided to do something about it.

Since January I have been slowly (but surely) changing my lifestyle. I eat better, I go to the gym (almost 30lbs lost since the first of January!), and now while still working on my health and fitness I am also changing how I look on the outside. I'm moving from scruffy student to something hopefully a little more dapper. I'll try, as I write these posts, to also put on some pictures to show what I did look like, what I am wearing these days, and where I am headed in the future.

I also need to give a special thanks to all of the contributors and members of The Art of Manliness. I have only been a member a short while but much of the site (especially the Dress & Grooming section) really captures a lot of the ideas that inspired me and the direction I want to take my fashion sense.

Graduate school, and science/academia in general, is a pretty casual place. Jeans and T-Shirts dominate, and it isn't necessarily much better among the faculty. With that in mind I have been pushing my style over the last little while into a little more sartorial territory, although I am also inspired a lot by sort of vintage outdoorwear. Barbour, Filson, classic LL Bean and Eddie Bauer, that sort of thing. Ultimately my look will be a hybrid of that sort of "gentlemen's outdoorwear", a more sartorial style, and the odd modern element thrown in. We'll just have to see if it works or not. So... welcome readers.

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  1. Welcome to blogland! It's a praiseworthy road that you have set out to follow. Allow me to invite you over to, where I think you'll find ideas in sympathy with your intentions here.
    I'm also an AoM regular. See you around the place.