Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ralph Lauren Again

So Today I really wanted to wear the tweed Brooks Brothers Sports Jacket that I got during the Great Thrifting Adventure but, alas the sleeves are just too short and I haven't had time to go get them altered yet. There was some concern that the jacket might not fit period but every time I try it on I think that that isn't true.

Anyway so today is the Ralph Lauren jacket with a blue shirt. Also, jeans and my boots:

My Neck still looks too fat, good thing I am going to the gym today. :)

I also need a haircut. When some cash comes in I.ll be going to the Barber.

And here are the boots:

Synthetic and not real leather but they are very comfortable and look pretty good I think. It gives a little bit of "edge" to a more dapper presented look.

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